- Press the red button inside the box. The yellow led will light up and you will hear two beeps. - Type the new combination of 3 to 8 digits followed by the E key. The user code is saved.

- Before closing the box, check the combination.



To open, dial the combination + E. With each press you will hear a beep and the yellow led will light up. When the opening is activated, the green led will light up and you will have 5 seconds to turn the knob and open the door.

To close, close the door and turn the knob.



Two emergency keys are supplied with the box to open the box in cases of forgetting the code, flat batteries or an electronic fault. The emergency lock is located on the door, under the gray cover. Extract it and insert the key in the lock; turn the key, turn the knob and pull the door.

VERY IMPORTANT: Never keep emergency keys inside the box. For your safety, there are no duplicate emergency keys.



Wrong code: If the code entered is not the one previously programmed, the yellow LED will flash and you will hear a special tone.

Blocking: By entering a wrong code 3 times in a row, the box is blocked for 20 seconds. If you enter another 3 wrong codes again, it will be locked for 5 minutes.


Low batteries: If when opening, the red led lights up together with the green led, the system has detected that the battery level is too low. Immediately replace all 4 batteries with 4 new alkaline batteries. The battery holder is located on the back of the door. Observe the expiration period of the batteries before installing them. Before closing, check the correct operation of the 2 codes.